Mouseplane - Used for the flush trimming of glue lines and wood.
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For the flush trimming of glue lines and wood, the Mouseplane takes away the need for heavy duty sanding to remove dried glue or to level wood surfaces. It is a most useful tool for carpenters, kitchen fitters and cabinet makers.

It has the comfort and ease-of-use of a plane, combined with the sharpness and speed of a chisel.

  • Ideal for trimming off dried glue, to level wooden surfaces and for clearing out corners.
  • Sits flush against the surface or edge.
  • High quality 50mm (2") wide carbon steel blade to maintain sharp edges, can be reground.
  • Rounded shape fits comfortably in the hand for smooth application.
  • Lightweight, yet robust.
  • Comes with blade cover for safety to protect the edge of the blade when not in use.
  • Easy storage compartment for blade cover when using the plane.
  • Blade can be unscrewed, and twisted round for safety when stored
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Compatible Glue Gun Gas Tec 600, Tec 305, Tec 805, Tec 810, Tec 820, Tec 3150, Tec 3200, Tec 6100, Tec 6300, Tec 7100, Tec 7300
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